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We have superb technical facilities at the consultancy and continuous access to students at tertiary institutions for practical training. 

This includes access to G I S, economic modelling software, training material and equipment, etc. 

Post-graduate research has enabled this consultancy to focus on applied projects in the field of housing and property development for various industries, including tourism and mining.


What does Erioloba mean? 

The company is named after the beautiful "Acacia erioloba", tree, which is also commonly known as the Camel ThornKameeldoring (Afrikaans).
The beautiful, slow-growing camel thorn grows well in poor soils and in harsh environmental conditions, especially in the Northern Cape Province. The Acacia Erioloba is a protected species in South Africa.

The indigenous Camel Thorn forest in Kathu.

The large umbrella-shaped indigenous tree is of specific significance to this firm, as we regard ourselves an “umbrella” consultancy encompassing various expertise (i.e. environmental, town planning, project management, legal, engineering and construction services) and bringing together and integrating a number of elements in our approach to spatial planning ( i.e. people, housing, infrastructure, public spaces, ecology, land and natural resources).

Our work in the Northern Cape Province, especially Kathu, has led to a deep love for this beautiful tree. 

Professional Team

“Study the past if you would define the future.” 
- Confucius -

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